RezCan has integrated technology and software tools to dynamically create hotel packages for specific events and destinations that are automatically placed on our numerous travel orientated websites.


RezCan offers a unique hotel packaging system that allows the consumer to search across multiple branded hotel properties along with the smaller independent hotels in a seamless environment.

In addition, selected special event or destination specific websites promote these hotel packages thus maximizing exposure for our hotel partners. Our integrated database has the ability to tie room inventory and hotel packages across branded hotels and non-branded hotels, further enhancing the on-line experience of the consumer.

For general room searches RezCan offers the hotels the option of pulling inventory from their existing GDS (General Delivery System) system or to use our proprietary Webrez Lite booking system. A general room search seamlessly pulls results from either system.

For any of the hotel properties who would like to participate in a searchable package program (i.e. Edmonton Indy) room inventory is pulled exclusively from our Webrez Lite booking system which allows for specific search parameters allowing only those hotels offering a specific package to come up in the search. The benefit of participating in this program is marketing efforts are directed to a specific URL and only those hotels with a package loaded in the system will come up in the search.

What makes RezCan unique and effective is this ability to utilize the individual strengths each system offers or combine both GDS and our Webrez Lite booking system into one blended search.

Edmonton attracts tens of thousands of visitors each year with our many festivals, attractions and cultural events. With the addition of RezCan on-line packaging system, hotels now have the opportunity to create packages, which present visitors endless entertainment opportunities, luxury accommodations, fine dining and many more reasons to extend their stay in the city.

You simply fill out a form, click submit, then watch as your package uploads and is instantly featured and advertised on a number of websites. You submit the information and we do all the work; it’s as easy as that.